Stalking Animals

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Stalking is simply a way of moving so slowly and quiet in the woods that you go undetected, this take practice. First you need to understand when to go into stalking mode and that is when ever you go into a transition area ( like a watering area,  feeding area, or trail junctions) If you are walking you can stalk by taking very slow steps and bring your foot higher than you would normally do ( ankle to knee when learning) As you step bring the one foot down in a smooth motion toe first and come down slowly on the outside ball of your foot, as you do this don't put all your weight on it at one time, move slow. Without applying weight roll across the ball of your foot and feel the ground, if there is something there pull your foot and place it in another spot. When you find a safe spot to put your weight on the ball of your foot bring your heal down, keep most of the weight on the ball of your foot. Only when you have all your weight on the ground do you shift your weight from the other foot. Remember the goal is to move slow and smooth, do not push off with your back foot, try to lift it and bring it down like a cat walks. If you are stalking something time your movements to the animal ( move when the deer has its head down ) If you need to change direction turn it while it is in the air not on the ground, remember the goal is not to make a sound. When you are starting out you will be wobbly and your legs will tremble as you teach your body how to move. Take it slow and work at it. 1. Lift foot high 2 come down on the outside ball of your foot 3 roll to the inside 4 bring heel/toes down 5 apply weight. You need to relax and take things easy, try to become one with nature and the animal you are stalking. When I started stalking I would pick a squirrel and see how close I could get before it took off. Now I can sneak up on the rabbit in the yard, and most other animals. I have spent 6 hours stalking a deer to the point I took it from about 10 feet away.

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