Consignment/Consulting/ Sub Contracting

We ( C&D Firearms LLC ) do sell on consignment from time to time, Consignment means that you make an agreement with C&D Firearms LLC. to sell your items. C&D Firearms LLC does not own your product but is responsible for selling it. You get paid when the product is sold and C&D Firearms LLC will take a percentage of the sale price as a commission. Typically, consignment agreements are based on a 60/40 split. You get 60% C&D Firearms LLC gets 40%. 

Consulting and subcontracting fees are $ 0.65 per mile + $30 per hour for travel from our home office to the location we are needed at . And $20 per hour for any work done. This includes running a booth, organizing your store, pricing items, Inventory or stock,  loading and unloading a truck. For non CDL Driving the charge is $0.75 per mile and $45 per hour for loading, unloading, and any other non driving activities ( including but not limited to waiting in traffic, waiting for truck repairs, and shutdowns due to weather.)