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As I keep working on many things I have found some tips to pass on to you guys. 

Many otherwise good cooks believe that venison should be cooked until it’s brown all the way through. Not true. Overcooking dries and toughens wild meat and destroys its natural flavor. Cook deer meat like beef: brown outside, red or pink inside.

An old 3-ring binder with the covers removed makes a handy gadget for keeping camp cooking utensils together in the pack basket or cook box

Baking soda can be used dozens of ways on outdoor trips. Dissolve a little in water to settle a “sour stomach” or to sweeten smelly ice boxes, coffee pots, thermos bottles. Made into paste, it soothes burns, bites, ivy poisoning. Use it as tooth powder, too. It can also be used for hygiene.

Water from a metal canteen will taste better if, after you use it, you hang it upside down with the stopper off so it can drain and dry. To get rid of a metallic, musty taste, wash it out with a couple of tablespoonfuls of baking soda, then rinse it thoroughly.

Next time you pack your camping gear, drop a bar of soap into the toe of an old full-length nylon stocking. In camp, hang the top of the stocking close to the washbasin. The soap can’t get lost or fall to the ground and get dirty, and it suds right through the nylon mesh.

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